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Justin Hansen

Justin is one of the country’s top ad and revenue operations leaders. His work has touched dozens of publishers, empowering them to realize over $175 million in revenue for their sites. Justin’s innovative perspective on data practices has helped account management teams, accounting and finance teams, and sales and marketing groups to become focused on true ROI and value for customers.

As an industry innovator, Justin’s work has also directly impacted leading industry technologies, from SSPs, ad exchanges and ad servers, to the auction dynamics and pricing models that form the backbone of today’s digital advertising ecosystem. Justin is obsessed with ensuring publisher success, and his tireless work on their behalf continues to evolve as new industry obstacles arise. His ability to teach and shape operations, development, engineers and products teams is unmatched, as are the strong relationships he’s developed via his partnerships throughout the ecosystem.

At Media Tradecraft, Justin leads teams across ad ops, dev ops, data science and tech partnerships. Prior to co-founding Media Tradecraft, Justin spent over six years running ad ops for an award-winning publisher monetization company, where he built individual designers for over 30 publishers along a broad spectrum of verticals.

He is a graduate of the University of Vermont and holds an MS from George Mason University, with advanced degrees in Statistics and Applied Mathematics.

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