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Holistic & Personalized Approach

A Tailored Approach for Every Site

Every site is different. Your monetization strategy will be uniquely yours.

More Than Expert

We constantly push ourselves to learn more and do better. Yes, we rely on best-in-breed technology, but we’re constantly innovating as humans, too.

You Have the Power

It’s all about you. We’ll bring ideas and strategies. But you know your business best, so we’ll be listening a lot, too. Ultimately, every decision is yours.

Our Team

Numbers are important, but it’s our people who really count.
The best, brightest, and most experienced in the field are here to help you earn more, faster.

Erik Requidan

CEO & Founder

Justin Hansen

COO & Co-Founder

What makes Media Tradecraft better?

Personalized Data Science

We’ll be your in-house data science team! Reliable data and expert analysis lead to smarter business decisions.

DevOps Superiority

Work with the best in the business – the folks responsible for dozens of industry innovations – and get better results faster.

Proprietary Ad Tech

Your tech will be uniquely yours – custom tailored to your site, your audience, and your business goals.

Powerful, Flexible, and 100% YOURS.

Site Performance Enhancements

Is your site prepared for more traffic and more revenue? The time to find out is NOW, not after it crashes.

Personalized Dashboard and Advice

A robust dashboard and regular strategy reviews yield actionable intelligence and insights. You’ll have everything you need to propel your business forward!

Custom Ad Strategies

Your content and your audience are unique. Your ad strategy should also be uniquely yours. No cookie-cutter programs here!

Advanced Yield Optimization

Fresh thinking brings innovative new ways to maximize your ad revenue – while keeping your visitors engaged and happy.

Content and Revenue Analytics

Understand what’s working, what isn’t, and more importantly – why.

Ad Tech Expertise

We really are the experts. We know which trusted technologies will work best for you. We’ll develop what we can’t get, code and engineer what we can, and help you manage it all effectively.

Why Publishers Work With Us


Fail To Plan And You Plan To Fail. Most Publishers Don’t Have A Plan For Success.

+  Raising CPMs? Not a plan.

+  Promising ad buys and revenue? Not a plan.

+  Begging for code on a page? Not a plan.

+  Never updating your ad tech? Not a plan.

+  Fast-tracking header bidding? Not a plan.

+  Offering a fill rate? Not a plan.

+  Offering passbacks? Not a plan.

+  Working with industry neophytes? Not a plan.


You Need A Plan – Now.

As the end of ad tech 2.0 approaches and ad tech 3.0 appears on the horizon, you need a plan to adapt and win.


Scale Can't Help You

The number of sites you work with doesn’t matter – what matters is how you work with each site.


Real Professionals With Real Credentials

Our team has helped lead and shape the industry through times of dramatic change.


Plan And Win With Media Tradecraft

Publishers are about to face the biggest changes they’ve seen in 20 years. Regulatory changes and technology shifts are dramatically impacting the way buyers secure media. Are your sites ready? Let us help navigate the changes ahead.
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Who Uses Media Tradecraft?

Massive Media Companies

Really Big Websites

Independent Sites with Great Content

Tired of Ad Management Firms

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Take back control of your site’s monetization. We can help – and provide revenue and operations leadership to empower you to earn the revenue you deserve! Work with us and gain access to our smart, experienced and well-connected team. We’re 100% dedicated to your long-term success.

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